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Overseas students planning to study in Australia must hold a passport and be issued an Australian student visa. The conditions under which visas are issued may vary from country to country. Information on student visa requirements can be obtained from the Australian Department of Home Affairs website.

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International Students In Australia

Overseas students planning to study in Australia must hold a passport and be issued an Australian student visa. The conditions under which visas are issued may vary from country to country. Information on student visa requirements can be obtained from the Australian Department of Home Affairs website.

If you wish to proceed with your application, you must complete the written agreement sent with your offer letter and forward the fees quoted in your offer letter.

The Australian Government requires all overseas students studying in Australia to take out Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Overseas students will be required to provide confirmation that they have undertaken OSHC to cover the period of their studies.

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International Students In Australia​
International Students In Australia​

We offer a wide range of study opportunities for international students. From course advice to choosing an institution, we help students who wish to study in Australia.
We work with many institutions to assist your education career by offering courses at all levels of education.  And we provide more choices than most education consultancies. We can help with admissions in Australian colleges and universities. Our experienced team can assist you with admissions to most schools, colleges, and universities across Australia.
Getting a higher education can change your life, helping you build a better future and reach your goals. If you are considering studying in Australia, it can be exciting but also confusing. That’s where “International Students in Australia” comes in. We can help make this transition easier for you.
We offer international students the opportunity to receive a world-class education, experience a unique culture and way of life, and gain valuable skills and knowledge that will open doors to many opportunities after graduation. In addition, Australian education is valuable worldwide, which can help make your dreams come true. Studying in Australia can be challenging for some international students, but we help students succeed in gaining admission to Australian universities.

Helping You Every Step of the Way

"International Students in Australia" knows that every student is unique. We want to ensure you get the needed help, answer all your questions, and solve any problems. Our team of experts understands how things work in Australian universities, and they're here to guide you through all the steps.

Exceptional Help Just for You

What's great about "International Students in Australia" is that we treat you like an individual. We know that what works for one person might not work for another. We take the time to understand what you want to study, what you are good at, and how much money you have. It helps us give you advice that's just right for you.

Lots of Ways to Help You

"International Students in Australia" can help you with many things, like choosing the best course and university. We can help you with the paperwork for getting your visa. We provide an overview of life in Australia so you feel ready and relaxed.

Picking the Right Course and University

One of the most important things is picking the right course (the subjects you'll study) and the right college or university. "International Students in Australia" knows the structure well and the leading colleges and universities in Australia and can help you find the ones that align with your future goals.

Help with Applying

You must apply for a visa when you want to study in another country. "International Students in Australia" will help you fill out the forms and make sure you have the necessary documents.

Making the Visa Process Easier

Getting a visa is much like getting permission to enter another country. It sounds complicated, but "International Students in Australia" will help you with the paperwork. We know what you need to show and tell the people who decide if you can come to Australia to study.

Getting Ready to Go

Before you leave home, "International Students in Australia" will give you information about life in Australia. We debrief students about the people, culture, food, tourist attractions and how they can adapt to the Australian lifestyle. This way, you will feel a part of the society when you arrive.

Still Helping You When You're in Australia

We can help you find part-time jobs. We are friends away from home, ensuring you have a great time.


Why Choose "International Students in Australia"?

We Know What We Are Doing: Our Company have been helping students build successful careers and know the ins and outs of studying in Australia.
We Can Do a Lot: Our firm can help you make your journey smoother from the beginning to the end.
We Care About You: “International Students in Australia” treats you like a person, not just a number.
We Have Friends: our company work with many Australian colleges and universities, and we can help you find the best place to study.
We Make Dreams Come True: We can help you succeed in Australia and beyond.

“International Students in Australia” is the best platform with skilled, dedicated, and professionally trained experts to help you from start to finish. With our help, you can achieve your academic dreams and have a fantastic adventure in Australia. “International Students in Australia” is your ultimate guide to realising your dreams.

 “International Students Australia comprises education consultants committed to achieving the best possible results for international students. We are here to help you with the student visa application process, as well as with applying for and obtaining placements at leading Australian educational institutions, including universities and colleges. Your goal is our goal! We aim to help you achieve your dream of studying, living, and working in Australia. The “International Students Australia” consultancy process is delivered by committed and dedicated education consultants who work with you to achieve your study and life goals, focusing on solutions. Contact us for a detailed discussion and let our experts secure your desired admission to your preferred university or college.

International students from all over the world, from all backgrounds, can trust us to help them achieve their education and career goals in Australia. Tell us about your dreams, and we’ll take you there.


International Student Hotline

If international students are facing issues related to safety, study, work or accommodation, they can call anytime. The Commonwealth Department of Education operates this student helpline in Australia. You do not have to reveal your identity when calling this number.

Tuition Fee Protection Service

Introduced by the Australian Government to assist international students in the event that an education provider is unable to offer a course, we ensure that international students can study another course at the same or another institution,....

Beyond Blue

it offers 24-hour support for mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and suicide. You can access this service via email, web chat or by filling in the online forum on the website.

Child Helpline

This helpline is for students (aged between 5 and 25 years) who have personal relationship problems and want to share their feelings about their studies.

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